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My passion for art and fashion design

Updated: Jan 4

Since my first years in high school, I showed interest in drawing, then later in fashion design. I would cut clothes, and fabrics and make new garments. I learned to sew on the vintage sewing machine, the Butterfly brand. My dad was teaching me to thread the machine and how to sew. That memory always comes as one of the best moments spent with him.

In high school, I traveled with my mom to Turkey, Italy, and Hungary. Those were the best times: traveling with her, and visiting so many cities, different cultures, languages, and people, it was an amazing experience. In the nineties, she was running a few clothing stores, and I was helping her a lot. I understood so much about fabrics, and how they behave. Also, I learned a lot about fashion styles and trends, and how they were changing throughout the seasons. I would wear the finest clothes and promote them. Fascinated by famous fashion designers and their creativity, I wished that one day I become one.

Because of circumstances, I could not attend a fashion school, but I learned a lot from books, blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and online courses.

When I took a serious approach to this niche, I realized that it’s not as easy as it looks and that it will take more time and effort, also practice, and knowledge to do it. Reading Blogs, watching online classes and YouTube tutorials, and still more to learn.

#handmade #unique scarves #modern jewelry #fashion clothing #polymer clay

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