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Enjoy every moment in Autumn Season

Updated: Nov 15

I took a walk in the neighborhood with my son Stefan. He needed to take some pictures with his camera for his photography class, who would be better to volunteer than mommy?

Fall is my favorite time of the year, I enjoy walking around the parks and nature and city too. Today we focused on our neighborhood in Evanston IL where we recently moved and we love it—friendly people, beautiful houses, and great restaurants and shops, as well as schools.

This is the outfit I picked, something that I feel comfortable wearing, that is easy to walk and looks nice too. My favorite pieces are very comfortable shoes by Karl Lagerfeld, palazzo pants with buttons on the side, DKNY faux leather backpack. For accessories, I used my handmade headband with acrylic pearls and earrings with freshwater pearls.

The headband is unique and very comfortable and it was made with velvet fabric and acrylic pearls hand-sewn with golden thread.

Earrings are also handmade with freshwater pearls, long and very unique.

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