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Kastina’s boutique has a limited edition of every collection and all products are handmade and not mass-produced. We offer quality items, support our customer’s satisfaction, and appreciation. Browse some of our products, maybe you’ll find something that you like...



Quality and Style

Whatever your style, find everything you need to update your wardrobe at Kastina. Be inspired by a bold new look, dare to follow the latest fashion trends or keep it classic with a few timeless staples.


A Perfect Fit

 Accessories are designed to get you noticed (without sacrificing comfort). From classics and basics to trendy must-haves, in-stock are usually gorgeous pieces to add that little something extra to every closet.


Your New Favorite Item

No matter what style you’re looking for, I'm almost certain you’ll find fashionable and affordable pieces here or I can make some by your custom order.  

Unique Clothing

Quality. Style. Kastina.

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Artist behind the brand Kastina

 Kristina Ilickovic is the artist, curator, and designer behind the brand Kastina. She grew up in Montenegro, a city Bar on beautiful Adriatic coast, then moved with her husband to Chicago in 2003. Having twins and being for three years stay-at-home mom, she worked from home on paintings, jewelry, scarves, and many other things, and sold her unique work on so many platforms, art fairs, and boutiques. Over the years, brand Kastina was growing and has since made its way to becoming recognized by customers for its quality. With ravishing options, you’ll want to visit this store and check out the latest collection before all the good stuff is gone. Kristina is committed to customer satisfaction and will make sure that you are a happy customer.